About Eye Level Films

The human brain is made of two parts—one half values order while the other revels in impulse. Logic is separated from imagination by just a few synapses. This unique cocktail of calculated chaos is what gives humanity its deep appreciation of beauty. Eye Level Films seeks to honor that appreciation by telling stories that resonate with our own experiences. We are a mature collective that is recognized for its talent and creativity, but most importantly, we represent a diverse set of emotional perspectives. This translates to an empathy that is capable of speaking directly to viewers’ sub-conscious.

We have a hunger for excellent design and allow principles of good design to govern our work. We’re comfortable with luxury and sophistication. These values inform the scope and personality of our projects. Artistry not only means having good ideas, but also implies a capacity and ambition to execute those ideas. We have the tools and technical dexterity to approach any level of production with ease. We are fond of collaboration and unafraid of exercising leadership. We embrace risk, but we also celebrate tradition. It is our foremost objective to create work that is complex and emotionally tangible.

We seek partners who are willing to let us extract full cognitive and aesthetic potential from their stories. Only in honest relationships like these is meaning truly created.